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CIB & Fin & Lv & Ltu & BY & Rus & RKF CH RKFW-07 Est JW-04

Accel of God Mount JP
"Accel, Aksu, アクセル"


 27.4.2003 - 6.7.2015
Breeder: Takezo Murakami, Japan
Pat.lux 0/0   
Hips OFA fair
Elbows ormal
back also x-rayed: no malformations

The first Japanese import in Finland in the breed´s history

Finnish JS club´s 3rd best obedience dog 2007, best breedingmale 2006 + several other placements

Obedience first class

Accel is a happy character, who doesn´t stress anything. He is selfconfident and open and has never behaved with aggression or suspicion towards peopple. Accel is a JOY to live with.

 I can´t express my gratitude enough to Accel´s breeder and Mr Yoshinaga and Jenna.




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