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WTCH BH PAIM-E Justus Rio Bravo ATDdsc
First leg OTFD


born. 5.4.2011 USA
breeder Marti Parrish, Justus kennel

eyes cleared 2011, -12-, -13-, -14-, -15, -16
hips A/A
elbows 0/1
back x-rayed; no malformations
HSF4, CMR, DM and prcdPRA n/n
correct bite, full dentition, long tail

Rio´s main sports is S&R. She has passed three S&R exams (both day and night)
She works with sheep and ducks at our home.
She has huge playdrive.

She has been hiking with us in several countries and we have climbed several peaks with her.


Thank you Marti!



WTCH Justus Spin DNA-vp

HOF Misty Ridge Nitro RTDc STDs DNA-vp

WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf PATDcs RTDcs 

WTCH Bar LW Miss Red Spur RD DNA-CP

Justus One Tuff Cookie DNA-VP STDdsc

WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP

WTCH Justus N Katie McCain RTDs DNA-VP

Vaquero's Jesica McCain DNA-vp WTCH Vaquero's Cole Younger, AFTDs

HOF WTCH Deharo´s Shaman of Vaquero, PATDC, RTDC, DNA-CP

HOF WTCH Vaquero´s Silver Belle, RS-O, JS-O, TN-N, CL2-R, CL2-F, CGC, DNA-CP

HOF WTCH Justus Jesica James of Vaquero, PATDc, HRD IIIs, HTD IIs, DNA-VP HOF CH Casa Buena Cadillac Jack,, OTDDS, STDC X
HOF WTCH Justus N Katie McCain, RTDS, DNA-VP


Video: Rio training with ducks, she is allmost a puppy here



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