Japanese spitz puppies born 24.6.2014

Sire: Snowtime´s Nishidake "Rico" & Dame: Snowtime´s Uchouran Go "Vilma"


Both are friendly, social and happy dogs, who live in families with children. Both have clear elbows, eyes and knees (pat.lux). Rico has C hips and Vilma B/C. Both are family dogs but both have at least one result at shows; very good or good. Both have correct bite and all teeth.
Besides our Sissi  (Saarnion Fushigi) all other dogs in the pedigree of this combination are from japanese lines. Rico has one previous litter (Snowtime´s A), which is a very promising litter. Rico nor Vilma don´t live at us, so we are very grateful to Anne and Liisa for co-operation and help.

Pedigree below (COI 6,7 % with 10 generations)



Snowtime´s Nishidake
C/C elbows 0/0 pat 0/0



CIB  & Fin & BY & Rus Mva RKFV-0
Snowtime´s Sendoh
B/C kyynärät 0/0 polvet 0/0
Accel of God Mount JP
Ofa fair, elbows 0, pat 0/0

CIB Multi CH Est V-04 RKFV-07
Saarnion Fushigi
B/B elbows 0, pat 0/0

CIB & Lv & BY & Rus CH RKFV-10 Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP
B/C kyynärät 0/0 polvet 0/0


Anglicist of T.K.D. Broughman
World Bea JP Epo

Snowtime´s Uchouran Go
B/C elbows  0/0 pat  0/0

CIB Multi CH LtuJV-08 Pl&PzV-08 SiV-10
Lumivyöryn Lenda Novo
A/A elbows 0/0 pat 0/0

Kikuchiyo Of Shonan Sumiresow JP
B/B elbows 0/0
CIB Multi CH EeJv-05 Little Yokohama Arisa
A/A elbows 0/0
CIB Multi CH Est V-04 RKFV-07
Saarnion Fushigi
B/B elbows  0/0 pat 0/0
Obedience 1st class
Fi CH Mimisaki
elbows were X-rayed when this dog was over 11 years old  (2/2)

CIB & Fin, N & Est Mva, BaltV-98
Goldbrick´s Clinquant
A/A, elbows1/1 (6 years old when x-rayed)



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