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News 2017!

We have some puppyplans for the future (both breeds)
We have a very good team, so some litters will born with co-homes. After these plans no more plans for time being.
More info at puppies-page.

Isla (Basecamp) at rally trials with 92 p/100, good work Marika!

Udo (Finnboy - Hime), first CAC, congrats Hanna-Leena!

Lovely weekend at ASCA trials in Kitee. A BIG thank you Pia and Ismo for this possibility, again, and everybody for such a nice weekend.
Again, lovely animals, and lovely place!! We got some more experience with doggies, and also some success. Very very happy about my dogs!!
Young Källi (S. Amaranth) debuted trials, this was his first time ever with cattle, and he got 1st leg STDc and was 3rd in his class. Gila finished STDc and was 2nd in her class.
Missed the center shute at H-course sheep with Källi and at open ducks with Gila, but happy about them both.
Riff won advanced cattle at Saturday, today 2nd, missed one panel and no Q, but he was happy with his prize toy whatsoever :)

What a weekend! Minni (S. Hirume Go) at Pärnu with Henna: Bos & Cacib so Minni is now new Balt & Est & INT CHAMPION!! Thank you Henna!
And at same weekend Manu (S. Amadokoro) at Mikkeli, with BOS and his 2nd CAC! Thank you Pilvi, Matti and Maiju!
And also Ginko (S. Ichou Go) at agility trials, good work Hanna-Leena!!
It was also so nice to hear from several dogs bred by us during this weekend, news from home, holidays or from trainings.

We had a nice training weekend at Lappeenranta region; obedience and search by Nina Manner, and rubble search with Sapeko-team.
It was so nice to see again Isla (S. Basecamp, Link-Rio) and Onni (S. Tundra, Indy-Rio), talented young dogs in training, good work Marika and Outi!
Love to meet Saga (S. Asahi Go) too, thanks Terhi and Taru!

Ringa (Raven, Pubi-Isla) hips A/A, elbows 0/0, back x-ray clear so VA0 LTV0.

Purri (Texas Oak, Indy-Rio) hips B/A and 0/0.

Five T-pups (Indy-Rio) have now been x-rayed with all 0/0 elbows, hips A/A, A/A, B/A. A/B, B/B and C/C.

N- and D-litters turned 9 years at July. Congrats and our thoughts to Riesu (Deep South) and Naomi (Nyoko) to the rainbow bridge (both RIP due to cancer)

Congrats to Kikka and Dusty (Dusty Desert) for passed results both tracking and search highest class and titles HK3 and JK3, good work!

Congrats Hyrrä (Bonanza) and Cinna (Crestone Peak), and Jenna and Mia for good work at agility trials, and also to Purri (Texas Oaks) and Emilia for good work and debute at agility unofficial trials.

Congrats to Katja and Riimi (Chickadee) for 1st result at obedience 2nd class.

Also Gila (Blackbird) debuted at obedience trials with 3rd result but also some handlers mistakes, she did good job.

Several js have done good work also at agility trials. Ginko (Ichou Go) and Hanna-Leena at 3rd class, several clear runs, congrats!
Mila (Yamaguruma) and Minni (Hirume Go) at 1st class, good work Henna and Pihla!

Melli (Shinju, 12,5-years old) have been several times BOB-veteran, congrats! So wonderful that an old dog is still in such a good condition.
Congrats to Soile and Melli (Shinju) being BOB-vet and 2nd best female today at Kiuruvesi.
Congrats also to Hanna-Leena, Pihla and Henna for a very nice runs in agility, good work!

Hanna-Leena and Ginko (Ichou Go) did clear run at 3rd class, Mila (Yamaguruma) debuted at 1st class with Q and Minni (Hirume Go) did some nice runs at unoff. trials.

Haru (Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP) debuted at rally with Q,
Gila (Blackbird) and Mila (Yamaguruma) got good practise - and handlers too, this is new sports for me and i am still learning..

Finnish Aussieclub rewarded Riffi (Deputy Sheriff), Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) and Gila (Blackbird) for being hering aussie of the year 2016 1., 2. and 3rd, thank you!!

Official eye checks for Gila, Rio and Källi (Amaranth), all three clear.

Tinka (Tahoka Daisy), Texas (Tawny Eagle) and Onni (Tundra) from Indy-Rio litter were x-rayed, all three with clear hips and elbows.

Minni (Hirume Go) and Saga (Asahi Go) debuted at unofficial agility trials, good work!

Iita´s puppies parentage was done by Movet lab (it was a double breeding), and the father of all four puppies is Nipsu (Lumivyöryn Yliveto)

O-puppies (Accel - Oosa) 8 years today. Congrats to boys and our thoughts to Oosa at the rainbow bridge

Yoko (S. Yoko) pat.lux clear 0/0, heart clear and x-rays hips B/B elbows 0/0. Back x-ray LTV4, VA1 Thank you Eveliina!

Minni (Hirume) debuted at unofficial agility trials with 2 clear runs, good work Henna!!

First Snowtime´s clinic for 2017 was held 5.3. Fun weekend training agility, obedience and rally!

T-litter (Indy-Rio) 1 year! Congrats! Thank you Camilla for the possibility to have these pups!!

Congrats to Satu and Nemo (Yoshihiro) for debut at agility trials with two q runs!

Congrats to Noora and Tinka (Coyote Willow) for two clear runs at agility 3rd class.

Congrats to Jenna and Hyrrä (Bonanza) for qualified run at rally 2nd class.

And to Salla, Soile and Melli (Shinju) for winning BOB-veteran at 12 years of age at Kajaani.

In golden memories Snowtime´s Sendoh 23.11.2004 - 27.1.2017


We have japanese spitz puppies! Born 25.1.2017. 3 girls and 1 boy. More info in here (only in Finnish at this moment, but feel free to ask more if interested).
Photos at the gallery.

Riffi (WTCH BH PAIM-E Snowtime´s Deputy Sheriff) is Finnish Aussie Club´s herding aussie 2016!
Rio (WTCH BH PAIM-E Justus Rio Bravo) 2. and her daughter Gila (S. Blackbird STDsd OTDs 1st leg STDc 1st leg) 3rd

In memoriam...Lovely Sendo (CIB Snowtime´s Sendoh) 2004 - 2017.


We did a holiday road trip in Europe, saw wonderfull National Parks and old cities!
You can find some photos at gallery.
We also participated at ASCA trials in Sweden and in Holland.
It is wonderfull to see dogs and people worldwide. You can also learn so much.
Wonderful people, animals and places.
We participated mainly at cattle runs, because Rio and Riff had finished ducks and Riff also sheep.
We don´t have cattle at home, this year we have seen them only in trials, so very little.
Sheriff had also an injury in July, which he recovered well, but it took some time.
He has been kicked by a sheep or a cow couple of times before, and he never cared a bit. He is a tough boy.
This time it was pretty bad and it took a while to recover. We also train other things, mainly S&R, so i didn´t had high expectations about the trials.
It was more like getting to see aussies and people, have fun and learn more. Both Rio and Riff do have experience about animals and herding so why not also give it a try.
At first we needed to work it out, get things together. But then it started to work out, so we have two new ASCA Working Trial Champions now;
WTCH BH PAIM-E Justus Rio Bravo and WTCH BH PAIM-E Snowtime´s Deputy Sheriff.
We will continue learning, but i was happy with both of them. Also Gila (Blackbird) did nice job, she did 4 runs and qualified 3; STDd, STDc 1st leg and OTDs 1st leg.

Rio  (Justus Rio Bravo) passed S&R annual trial in September

Minni (Hirume Go) is new Fin & Lv & Ltu & Rus Champion, congrats Henna!!

Sulo (Kuroshio) at Match show with Veera, congrats!

Mila (Yamaguruma) debuted at rally, good job Pihla!

Onni (Tundra), 8 months old, debuted at Nose Work unofficial trial (because he is bit too young for official trial), he did good job. Congtrats Outi! 

Ginko (Ichou Go) passed agility 1st class, got CAC and advanced to 2nd class. She and Hanna-Leena also did nice run at 2nd class with 5 and 1st place, congrats!

Minni (Hirume Go) at Latvia; at Saturday BOS with CAC, at Sunday 2nd best female.
Mila (Yamaguruma) very good with good evaluations.
Congrats Henna and Pihla!

We had a tracking trainings with aussiepuppies
 Purri (Texas Oak), Onni (Tundra), Kältsi (Amaranth) and Freddie (Tanoak)

Japanese spitz puppies planned! More info in here

ASCA trials with Rio, Riff and Gila.
Riff (Deputy Sheriff) finished his ATDs and OTDc, Gila (Blackbird) STDs.
Riff was HIT advanced sheep both am and pm trials. Good work at cattle both Riff and Rio (Justus Rio Bravo)

Haiku (Amargosa, Riffi - Isla) official results hips A/A, elbows 0/0, back X-ray clear. 4/5 pups have now been x-rayed from this litter and all four ok.

All Isla´s and Pubi´s puppies have moved to their own homes

U-puppies 7 years old at 12.7. and A-pups 2 years 14.7., congrats!!

Saga (Asahi Go) won unofficial agility class with 5, congrats!

Minni (Hirume Go) at Oulu and Kokkola with excellent both days

Yoko (Yoko) excellent and her first show

Hyrrä (Bonanza) passed Finnish Mentaltest with secure to shots

At Rantasalmi show:
Snowtime's Yamaguruma JUN Exc1
Snowtime's Hirume Go Exc2 CQ 3rd best female
Snowtime's Ichou Go very good 3
Snowtime's Iwahige Go Exc1 BOB CAC
Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP Exc1 CQ 2nd best female BOB-vet
Kennel Snowtime's BOB-breeder

 Udo (Finnboy – Hime) moved to live with Hanna-Leena, it is nice to see him in the future too!

R-puppies (Isla – Pubi) are now registerated. They had their eyes checked also and all five ok.

Some herding news from ASCA. Rio and I were surprisingly at 20. place in ASCA merit list standings.

 H-puppies (Rico - Vilma) 2 years today, congrats!

Finnboy - the father of Hime´s puppies - is now also Norwegian Champion, congrats!

Gila (Blackbird) debuted at ASCA sanctioned trials with 1st legs on ducks and sheep.
Rio and Riff did qualified runs on advanced ducks and finished ATDd.
On sheep Riff 79 p (no center) and Rio 75 .

Jenna and Hyrrä (Bonanza) at agility trials with two runs; first one with 5 and 4th place and second run with 0 and 1st place. She is FAST! Congrats Jenna!

Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) eyes ok Riffi (S. Deputy Sherif, Noah - Xena) eyes ok. He is 8 years old next month.
Saga (S. Asahi Go, Rico - Nori) eyes ok
Riimi (S. Chickadee, Nabu - Riesu) eyes & pat.lux ok, back x-ray ok (LTV1, SP0 LV 0), hips B/D
Haiku (S. Amargosa, Sheriff - Isla) eyes & pat. lux ok
Xena had full bloodpanel done on my request because she is 12,5 years old. All ok.

Ginko (Ichou Go) at unofficiasl agility trials with 5, and 1st place

New Fi Ch Snowtime´s Asahi Go, a big thank you´s to Taru and Terhi! Saaga (Snowtime´s Asahi Go, S.Nishidake - Lumivyöryn Querida Doce) BOS with CAC at Iitti.

Mila (Snowtime´s Yamaguruma, S. Rikugien - S. Iwahige Go) 2nd best female with re-Cac at Joensuu. Congrats and thank you Taru, T


Working aussie puppies born 24.5.2016 for Isla and Pubi summer 2016

Ginko (Ichou Go) trialed at her first official agility trial this year. Dq this time, but good work!

Minni (Hirume Go) at Imatra Int show. The judge thought Minni might loose bit weight, so very good this time :)

Cinna (Crestone Peak) got certificate at agility 1st class and advanced to 2nd class.
Her sister Tinka-sisko (Coyote Willow), got certificate at agility 2nd class and advanced to 3rd class.
Good work, congrats Mia and Noora!

O-litter 7 years old

Unofficial agility trials; Ginko (Ichou Go) and Hyrrä (Bonanza) did good work!

Daco (Delaware River) has a litter of 3 boys at kennel Wirneen, congrats! s

Naksu (Badlands) hips B/B and elbows 1/1

Melli´s (Shinju) page updated

20. js bred by us have now been officially pat.lux checked. Aky (S. Akiyoshidai) pat.lux 0/0 ánd hps A/A. Thank you Luisella!

Tinka (Coyote Willow) at agility 2nd class. Three runs with 10, 5 and 10. Good work Noora!

Minni (Snowtime's Hirume Go) in Liethuania, 5.3. very good 1 and 6.3. BOB with Cacib and CAC. Congrats Henna!

Riffi´s (Deputy Sheriff) MyDogDNA test was done at December 2015. He does not carry any of the disease genes tested in the panel.

Finnish JS Club announced the Most Winning JS 2015:
Minni (Hirume Go) 10th best female
Mila (Yamaguruma) 8th best puppy
Rico (Nishidake) 7th in progeny class
Melli (Shinju) 1st in progeny class and 8th in veterans

1.3. R-puppies 9 years old and Ypups 1 year old. Congrats!

Gila (Blackbird) and Källi (Amaranth) eyes cleared
Källi had one extra eyelash which - according to vet - is not a problem

Hyrrä (Bonanza) at rally trials with 1st result anhd RKT1 title, congrats!

Nemo (Yoshihiro) and Mila (Yamaguruma) have started in agility, good work!

Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) was Finnish Aussie club´s herding aussie 2015.
Riffi (Snowtime´s Deputy Sheriff) 3rd and Xena (Diamond Bluff paris Texas)  4th. With Xena we did only couple of cattlerun at 2015

Gila (Blackbird) at jump training clinic

Tinka (Coyote Willow) and Noora got another 0 run in agility 2nd class, congrats!

Tinka (Coyote Willow) and Noora and agility 1st class with their 3rd 0-run and agility-certificate. They are now at 2nd class, congrats! 


Next Snowtime´s training day will be held at 13.2. in Finland. Ask more from Merja if interested to meet us & our dogs.

Our beloved Xena  (RH-FE TK1 BH Diamond Bluff Paris Texas ATDsd OTDc) 12 years old

C-litter (aussie, Nabu - Riesu) 3 years old. Congrats Caze, Tinka, Riimi, Cinna & Unna!

Riesu (Fi ACH S. Deep South) at agility trials with disq, 5 and 0 runs. Good job Siiri!

Tinka (S. Coyote Willow) at agility 1st class with 0 run and 1st place, another run with 5. and 3rd place. Congrats Noora!

Minni  (S. Hirume Go) hips B/A elbows 0/0

Dacon (S. Delaware River) eyes cleared at 7,5 years old

Isla (Aubretia) had her eyes cleared at December 2015, thank you Essi!
Isla had some small finding at her corneal are in other eye, but nothing to worry about and nothing that affects her breedings.

Minni (S. Hirume Go) at Pietari 2 x Int Shows winning BOS in both days with Cacib, CAC and title RKFW-15. Congrats Henna!

We have had some troubles updating our webpages and we have new email.
Please contact us tiainen.merja (at) gmail.com


Jyväskylän Int show Minni (Hirume Go) very good in intermediate class and Mila (Yamaguruma) BOB-puppy, congrats!

Cinna (Crestone Peak) at agility 1st class with 5 and nice run, congrats!

23.11. S-litter 11 years old. Congrats!

Ginko (Ichou Go) at agility unofficial trials with clean run and 1st place, congrats!

Källin (Amaranth) and Merja at Finnish Rescue Dog Association´s scent work training

New photo to Islalle (Basecamp).

Riimi (Chickadee) at obedience 1st class with two 1st results and nice points (other with 191 points!), and one with 3rd re4sult, congrats!

Siblings Cinna (Crestone Peak) and Tinka (Coyote Willow) at agility trials 1st class, Cinna with 5 and Tinkia with 0 and 5, congrats!

 Manu (S. Amadokoro) pat lux. 0/0 and eyes OK.

Siblings Gila (Blackbird) and Hyrrä (Bonanza) at MH with the age of 1 year 10 months. Poth passed, Gila shots 1 and Hyrrä 3.

T-litter 9 years old. Congrats!

Sheriff (S. Deputy Sheriff) & Merja passes tracking exam by Finnish Rescue Dog Club.

ASCA merit list in September; Riff 6th in advanced sheep, Rio 8th in advanced ducks and 10th in open cattle

Xena  and Merja passed VIRTA S&R test. Since 1.1.2014 it has been obligatory to pass VIRTA test in Finland, before dog can work officially as an S&R dog.

Congrats to our A-litter (aussie) grandmom Movi in Sweden for RLD N.

Congrats to Link, the father of our B-puppies, for title in Post advanced sheep!

Riolle (Justus Rio Bravo) passed S&R exam (S&R in night). Now she has all three test passed which needs to be done before we can enter to VIRTA-test.

Isla (S. Basecamp) at unofficial agility trials winning her class, congrats! She also debuted in rally-obedience, no result this time but good experience for a young dog.

Minni (S. Hirume Go) at show with Exc. Congrats!

New photo to Iisa, Snowtime´s Arizona

 Riffi (S. Deputy Sheriff) in advanced sheep with104 p and 2nd place. Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) in advanced cattle, no center and no leg, but she was places 1. and 2.
Riff and Rio trialed at open cattle with 84 points, and other runs with no leg but more experience this time.

Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) had health checks done at the age of 11 years old. We now these checks can not predict the future, but we did it anyhow.
She was in top condition during this check.

A-pups (js) 2 years old, congrats!

Haru (Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP) 9 years 2.9.2015
M-litter (js) was born 12 years ago. Congrats to boys and our thoughts to Lola at the rainbow bridge

Dusty (JK3 HK3 EK1 BH S. Dusty Desert STDd STDs 1st leg) at special seach trial with passed result and title EK1. Congrats!

Ginko (S. Ichou Go) at unofficial agility trials with nice runs, congrats!
And Tinka (S. Coyote Willow) at official agility trials with 15 and 10, this was her debute so good work. Congrats !

Minni (S. Hirume Go) has been in couple of shows in junior class females. At Raisio she was BOS with CAC, Excellent1 at Luumäki and at Kotka Int bb-3 with cac. Congrats!

Onnea ja kiitos Henna!

Finnish JS Specialty was held at Kuopio this year. There were 70 js entered. Dogs bred or owned by us; Sepe (S. Sendoh), Haru, Iita (S. Iwahige Go), Mila (S. Yamaguruma), Yoko (S. Yoko), Manu (S. Amadokoro), Melli (S. Shinju), Tao (S. Okayama). Also Saaga (S. Asahi Go) was entered but she was totally out of coat so we left her home. It was nice to see friends, and especially 11-year old veterans Sendo anhd Melli, still in good condition and with all their teeth in good condition too. Several dogs and bitches which were placed in their class were Accel´s offprings or their offprings. Accel surely left an impact to Finnish JS population, and his legacy lives on. BOS was Accel´s daughter, Kerttu, 11 years old. And his other daughter´s Melli´s (S. Shinju) progey class was BIS-progeny class.

3rd female puppy Yoko (S. Yoko) and BOB-puppy Mila (S. Yamaguruma)

Manu (S. Amadokoro)  Exc2 in intermediate class
Sepe (S. Sendoh) Very Good in veteran males
Iita (S. Iwahige Go) Very Good in open females
Haru (Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP) Exc in veteran females
Melli (S. Shinju) Exc3 with Cq in veteran females. BIS-progeny class.

Finasc arena trials at Kitee. Lovely place, company and animals. Thank you!
Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) at open class cattle; 3rd at Saturday and 1st with 105 points at Sunday

Riffi (S. Deputy Sheriff) 2nd in advanced sheep & ducks oli advanced-luokassa lampailla ja ankoilla, and 4th at cattle at Saturday.
At Sunday again 2nd in sheep and ducks, and 2nd in cattle with OTDc 1st leg.
Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) won open class cattle with 100 points at Saturday, at Sunday she was 3rd with 84.
At Saturday in advanced sheep and ducks i crossed the handlers line in both, she was 3rd in her class. At Sunday she got Q in both sheep and ducks and ATDsd 1st legs.

With Rio and Riff in excellent Tanya Wheeler´s clinic at Kitee

Källin (S. Amaranth) back X-ray is clear

At July

A-puppies (aussie) 1 year old
U-puppies (js) 6 year old
N-puppies (js) 7 year old
D-puppies (js) 7 year old
Congrats to all, and our thoughts to Naomi (N-litter) to the rainbow bridge

At July hiking in Sweden and on our way back home we were able to spend some time at Rick Hardin clinic and trials by Swedasc. Lovely place, lovely animals and excellent, lovely company. Thank you very much!!

Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) at Farm trial with Q (sheep). With Riff (S. Deputy Sheriff) i run out of time.
In arena trials at Saturday we got experience, except Rio got Q at started cattle. At Sunday we did better, Rio got another Q at started cattle and finished her STDc. At Sunday Riff won open sheep and finished his OTDs, he was also High in Trial Open in that trial. He did some good work with cattle and was placed as 1st in one of the trials but no q (our best was 81 points, we didn´t get the center). In advanced ducks Riff did two runs, one with 73 (no center) and other with Q and his first leg in ATDd.

Riff and Rio in Finnish Kennelclub´s traditional herding work trial, both got Q and titles PAIM-e

Kennelliiton perinteisen paimennuksen esikokeessa Joroisilla; kaunis idyllinen paikka ja mukavat, ns. kevyet lampaat. Riffille 86 p ja Riolle 84 p eli hyväksytyt radat ja PAIM-E tunnus.

Melli (S. Shinju) - almost 11 years old - has been in couple of shows. At Kemi she was BOB and BOB-vet and in Ylivieska 2nd best female and BOB-vet. Congrats Soile!

RIP CIB & Fin & Lv & Ltu & Rus & BY Mva RKF V-07 Est JV-04
Accel of God Mount JP "Aksu"
2003 - 2015
There are no words at this moment. We miss you

Snowtime´s summer meeting was held at 3. - 4.7. at Finland. Herding, agility, rally-obedience, tracking, obedience, good company and nice time together.
Photos at gallery'

Ginko (S. Ichou Go) at official agility trial with 2nd placement, congrats!

Hyrrä (S. Bonanza) at rally obedience first class with a result, 86 points. Congrats Jenna!
Jenna and Hyrrä also competed at unofficial agility trial (Hyrrä does not have enough age for official one) and they were placed 3rd. Congrats!

Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) and Merja passed S&R exam again

Young js Manu (S. Amadokoro) and Minni (S. Hirume Go) at shows with very good both. That is a good result, after all, very good means Very Good :)

We have participated at several training weekeneds (tracking and S&R) with aussies during the spring and summer. Very nice trainings, thank you.

Updated photos and/or new info at following webpages; Aksu (Accel of God Mount), Daco (S. Delaware River), Saaga (S. Asahi Go), Isla (S. Basecamp), Manu (A. Amadokoro), Minni (S. Hirume Go), Naksu (S. Badlands), Haiku (S. Amargosa), Cäry (S. Arroyo), Cinna (S. Crestone Peak), Ginko (S. Ichou Go) , Källi (S. Amaranth), Hyrrä (S. Bonanza), Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas), Haru (Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP), Riimi (S. Chickadee), Vili (S. Hiashi Go), Luca (S. Azurite Peak), Gila (S. Blackbird) ja Rii (Justus Rio Bravo)

Wirh Riffi (S. Deputy Sheriff) at tracking trial with 174 points, no result this time.

Got these wonderful prizes from Finnish Aussieclub; one is for Riff for being club´s herding aussie of the year 2014 . One is for Snowtime´s kennel, 2nd place at breeders class.
Thank you belongs to our puppy buyers.

Ginko (S. Ichou Go) again at unofficial agility trial, 2nd place, good job!

7.4.2015 Riffi (S. Deputy Sheriff) and Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) at official eye examination and both ok.

Three CAC news for the start of May!
Manu (S. Amadokoro) 3rd best male with CAC at Lahti, and young Minni, totally without coat (S. Hirume Go) 4th best female with CAC. Congrats!
At Italy Aky (S. Akiyoshidai) BOB with CAC, congrats Luisella!

Aksu (Accel of God Mount JP) 12 years old

Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) and Merja passed S&R trial

Tinka (S. Coyote Willow) and Noora got 1st results at obedience 1st class with nice points, 191,5 / 200, congrats!

Snowtime´s summer meeting is going to be at 3. - 4.7.2015 at Kouvola region. Possibility to train herding, obedience, S&R, agility and rally-agility.
But mostly have fun with good company. Feel free to ask more from Merja by email

Y-puppies have now moved to their own homes, good luck, keep in touch!

With Sheriff (S. Deputy Sheriff) at obedience 2nd class with 3rd results

At Imatra Dog Show Minni (S. Hirume Go) first time in official class with excellent 3 (junior). Haru (Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP) Exc2 at veteran class and Sendo (S. Sendoh) very good 2 at veteran males class. Melli (S. Shinju) at Jyväskylä BOS-veteran and 3rd best female, congrats to Soile!  o

Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) 4 years old

O-litter boys 6 years today

Japanese spitzies Ginko (S. Ichou Go)  and Manu (S. Amadokoro) at unofficial agility trials with nice runs congrats!
Haru and Sheriff at unofficial obedience trials; Haru 3rd results at 1st class and Sheriff 3rd results at 2nd class.

Minni (S. Hirume Go) 2 x BOB-puppy at shows, congrats!

Tinka´s (S. Coyote Willow) official back x-ray result; clear.

Cinna´s (S. Crestone Peak) official back x-ray result; clear

Herding Aussies of the Year 2014 by Finnish Australian Shepherd Club:
1. Snowtime´s Deputy Sheriff, 3. Justus Rio Bravo and 4. Diamond Bluff Paris Texas
Search dog of the year 2014 Snowtime´s Dusty Desert
Snowtime´s 2nd at breeders class

Saga (S. Asahi Go) very good 1 at junior class females.

Cinna´s  (S. Crestone Peak) official health records; hips A/A, elbows 0/0.

Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) 11 years old

Gilan (S. Blackbird) hips A/A, elbows 0/0, back ok (LTV0)

Ilin (S. Buffalo Peak) hips A/A, elbows 1/0, back ok (LTV0)

Tintti (S. Tsuru Ran) 8 years old; heart ok (1/2015)

Isla´s (S. Basecamp) hips A/A, elbows 0/0, back ok

Tinka (S. Coyote Willow) at her first Obedience trials with 181 points, 1st result and prize of honour, congrats Noora!

Hyrrä´s (S. Bonanza) hips A/A, elbows 0/0. Knees and shoulders unofficially checked and ok

 Gila (S. Blackbird), Ili (S. Buffalo Peak) and young Isla (S. Basecamp) had eyes checked, all ok

B-pups  1 year old and K-litter 2 years at December, congrats!

Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) did some good work at her first S&T trial. No result but it was a good try.

JS-brothers Aky (S. Akiyoshidai) and Manu (S. Amadokoro) went to shows with nice results;
Aky BOB at Italy and Manu excellent at Helsinki Winner. Congrats to Luisella and Matti!
Unfortunately Manu and his handler were in a hurry, so they had to leave the js ring before it was all over.

Just for curiousity Iita (S. Iwahige Go) had her MyDogDNA tests run, she didn´t carry any of the disease genes tested.

23.11. S-litter 10 years old

Ginko (S. Ichou Go) again at unofficial agility trials with 5 and 5th place, congrats!

Timi´s (Mimisaki) daughter Pyry (Saarnion Fenix) passed away at the age of 13.
Our condolences to Pyry´s family. We were fortunate to meet Pyry several times during the years.

RIP Oosa (S. Okinawa) . Oosa died during a sterilization surgery. Our condolences to Oosa´s family.

Shiro (S. Isshou Go) at Jyväskylä Int show with excellent 3 at open class males.

I and Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) at S&R trial again with passed result.

Riesu (S. Deep South) and Siiri did another clear run at agility 3rd class, congrats! 

T-litter  turn 8 years old at 23.10. Congrats!

Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) and I passed S&R exam (searching at night)

Hiking again at Autumn


At September Haru (Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP) turned 8 years old and >Nori´s and Rico´s puppies 1 year old, congrats!

Manu (S. Amadokoro) at his first show, very good at jnior class, congrats!

Aussiepuppies are now at their own homes. At vet check all pups ok (puppy eye checks ok)

Dusty (S. Dusty Desert) at tracking trial with title JK3, congrats!

Melli (S. Shinju) at Kouvola and Heinola shows, at Kouvola BOS and BOS-vet, and at Heinola BOS-vet, congrats!

Ginko (S. Ichou Go) at unofficial agility trials 4th with with clear run, congrats!

At Kuopio Int Show;
Oni (S. Akaishi-Dake) first show ever, Oni won junior class males with CQ
Sendo (S. Sendoh) BOS-vet and Iita (S. Iwahige) totally out of coat with very good.

Dusty (S. Dusty Desert) had fun at MH and passed it nicely

ASCA trials Kitee 19. - 20.7.2014
Riffi (S. Deputy Sheriff) did 6 runs and got Q at all of them. So he finished his titles STDc and OTDd and got one leg at open sheep.
At Saturday 3rd at open class sheep, 3rd at started class cattle. At Sunday 3rd at open sheep, 2nd at started cattle and 2nd at open ducks
Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) did two Q runs at open sheep and one at open ducks and finished her OTDds. She also won High in Trial Open Class at Sunday with 101 p (sheep).
Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) - 10 years old - had nice time at open cattle. At Sunday Q and 1st in her class with OTDc 1st leg.
Very nice trials, wonderful company, thank you everybody!!

At Marti Parrish herding clinic with Rion and Riff 17. - 18.7.2014. Excellent clinic!

We have uploaded a lot of fresh videos about Riff (S. Deputy Sheriff) and Isla (Fätorpet´s Aubretia) working and training.
Feel free to ask if you are interested to see these materials

A japanese spitz litter and a working australian shepherd litter are expected at summer 2014 in co-operation with the owners of these dogs.
More info on puppies page

Riimi (S. Chickadee) hips B/C, elbows 0/0, pat.lux  0/0, eyes clear and back x-ray normal

We have been hiking a lot outdoors lately. It has been fun.
Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) at S&R advanced trial, no result but good job. She found two "lost people"

Sheriff (S. Deputy Sheriff) at tracking trial. No result but good job.

At herding clinic with Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) at May 2014. A very good clinic!
Also Gila (S. Blackbird) and Hyrrä (S. Bonanza) were there, just hanging around.

Dusty (S. Dusty Desert) at Finnish Mentaltest with +199, secure to shots and Q result

Joensuu Int Show; almost 10 year old Sendo (S. Sendoh) 3rd best male with cq, Iita (S. Iwahige Go) 3rd best female with Cac, and Saga (S. Asahi Go) two times at puppy class and both times 2nd with honour prize. Aky (S. Akiyoshidai) debuted at shows too in Italy with 1 and very promising evaluation. Congrats to Luisella, Virpi and Taru!

Dusty (S. Dusty Desert) at advanced search trial with result and title HK3. Congrats!

Dusty (S. Dusty Desert) at open class in tracking trial with result and title JK2. Congrats!

Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) passed BH

Aksu (Accel of God Mount JP) 11 years old

Melli (S. Shinju) again BOB-vet

Updated photos to Isla (Fätorpets Aubretia), Gila (S. Blackbird), Rico (S. Nishidake).

Tinka´s (S. Coyote Willow) hips B/B and elbows 0/0

Tinka (S. Coyote Willow), Riffi (S. Deputy Sheriff), Isla (Fätorpets Aubretia) & Rio (Justus Rio Bravo); eyes clear

At JS Special Show with several dogs and puppies bred by us.
It was nice and fun to see you all again!

O-litter 5 years old, congrats!

1.3 2014 R-litter 7 years old. Congrats!

Daco (S. Delaware River)  had his eyes checked, all clear

Sheriff (S. Deputy Sheriff) was awarded by Finnish Australian shepherd club

Updated some puppy-photos to their gallery in here.

Rio´s puppies had their eyes checked; all 6 ok. They also got their microchips and names, starting with B.

Daco (S. Delaware River) back X-rayed clear (5,5, years old).

Year 2013 is now behind. We are more than happy that all puppies bred by us have good homes, and all the titles and results are less important to us.
At 2013 we trialed very little ourselves, since we had puppies and i was finishing my studies.
Sheriff (S. Deputy Sheriff) got results in obedience, S&R and herding
Xena (Diamond Bluff Paris Texas) also got results in S&R and herding
Rio (Justus Rio Bravo) finished her STDds titles and trialed at open ducks with Q
Our japanese spitzies went to few shows; Haru (Naomi of Konparu Wakata JP) finished her Int CH title with Lv Ch title at Riga
Iita (S. Iwahige Go) was 2nd best bicth there with re-cacib and re-cac
Also some of the dogs bred or owned by us trialed with nice results;
Dusty (S. Dusty Desert) got results in tracking, S&R, obedience and herding and finished the titles JK1, JK2, HK1, STDd
Riesu (S. Deep South) continued trialing at agility 3rd class with clear runs, and again their trialed also at Finnish Championships
Nori (Lumivyöryn Querida Doce), previously owned by us, got nice results and Q runs at agility
Several js bred by us got very good, excellent or cq in shows.
Special congrats goes to Melli (S. Shinju) for winning several BOB-vet and BIS-vet-3




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